Shagio Chen Maggie of Shamira "Tehya"   CH Shagio Chen Maggie of Shamira, "Tehya"

Ebony (black) Oriental SH queen
photo 9/2008
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STATUS: Tehya is a beautiful OS, imported from Hungary ~
She came halfway around the world, had good success with her show career, and had 2 lovely litters before being spayed.
She is so happy to have found her forever home!

Show Results:
Tehya is a TICA Champion

Tehya is a black OS, with fantastic length, a wonderful, tight coat, and just lovely lines.
Her temprament is as sweeet as can be;
she loves to play, though belly rubs and headbutts are truly her favorite past times!

She may not be the most extreme girl, but we are so very excited to work with these fantastic lines! With what is around and behind her, we have very high hopes for the kittens of this absolutely lovely cat!

Contact me for more information!

Okonor Pottoys -
Brown Spotted Tabby OS Stud

Tortie OS
Shagio Chen Cleopatra,
Black Tortie OS queen

OS ebony

Tehya, about 3 weeks before giving birth ~
photo 6/24/09

OS ebony

Tehya says that the cat show photographer is scaaaa-ry!
photo 1/12/09

OS ebony

photo 11/13/08

OS ebony

Tehya at her first TICA show as a kitten
Reno Silver Cats Show, '08

Red tabby Oriental cat, Shagio Chen Paprika

Tehya's littermates developed extremely well; her breeder kept her beautiful Red Spotted OS brother.
Check out more photos of him here at Shagio-Chen's website!

OS ebony

photo 11/13/08


photo 9/4/08

photo 9/4/08

photo 9/4/08

Ebony Oriental Short Hair cat

photo 9/4/08

photo 9/4/08

photo 9/4/08

Headed home!

In the carrier, at the airport, ready to come home!

Tehya and her friend

Tehya and "Bastian"

The last photos I got before she came to the States, just photoshopped a bit


photo in Hungary,
August 2008

She is about 2 1/2 months old here


A bit closer to 2 months here :)

Just about 6 weeks of age

Two Week Old OS Kitten

And, here we are about 2 weeks old

And, boy oh boy, look at her brothers!

Red Tabby and Red Point male OS

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