Tahana, Brush Coated Peterbald cat   Bruru's Tahana Delight
Brush coat chocolate and white peterbald young adult

photo 7/26/2009
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STATUS: Tahana has found her forever home in beautiful Utah! Congratulations to her WONDERFUL new family!

~ Brush coat, Chocolate and White Peterbald Young adult cat ~
Born 8/2006

Tahana was spayed as a 'girl' and has never had any kittens.

She likes:
belly rubs, warm laps, snuggling in bed, TV time with her family, occasionally chasing a teaser

She does not like:
kisses on the face, small children (she simply avoides them)

She is:
quiet, sweet, loyal to her family, somewhat slow to warm up to strangers. She does fine with our other cats and also with our dogs, though she could also be happy as an only kitty

She is not:
very vocal, "high maintenience", "needy"

Special needs? Yes.
She has some signs of early gingivitis. We clean her teeth regularly at home, and our vet feels that she should have regular, once a year dental cleanings to keep her mouth healthy.
She also REALLY likes the very high protein, high fat food we must feed all our other cats - and needs to go on a diet! She loves to play, but will need to lose some weight!
Her adoption fee is low in light of these facts.

Contact me for more information!


Blue PD stud
Mercuryhold Masiania of Shamira
Bruru's Kali Delight-
Black tortie and white
OS Queen

Brush coat chocolate and white peterbald young adult

photo 7/26/2009

Brush coat chocolate and white peterbald young adult

photo 3/12/2008

photo 3/12/2008

photo 3/12/08

photo 3/12/08

photo 6/2007

photo 5/07

photo 4/2007

PD kitten and OS mommy cat

Tahana (brush coated peterbald kitten) and her mom, a black tortie Oriental Shory Hair cat
photo 3/07