Kremlinkats Jaelyn of Shamira, black and white bicolor peterbald cat kitten   Kremlincats Jaelyn of Shamira

Black and White, Brush coat Peterbald Queen
photo 7/7/2007
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STATUS: Jaelyn has gone to her forever home~
CONGRATULATIONS to her new family!

Jaelyn is a lovely, sweet girl.
She meets the Breed Standard well in many ways, and has a wonderful temprament.
Unfortunately, she was not able to contribute to our breeding program and was spayed prior to producing any kittens.
She is now a happy, healthy pet, loving sunny So CA with her wonderful new people :))

But, please contact me for more information!

SGC Kremlincats Fuzzy Feliks Furwentski
PD Stud

Classytouch Isis
Chocolate point and white PD queen

bicolor peterbald cat kitten

Photo 3/12/2008


Jaelyn wasn't really in the mood for my photo sessions lol

I did my best ;)

Maybe her new mommy will send me some better photos to update her page with :)
<hint hint>

photo 3/12

photo 7/7/2007

photo 7/7/2007


Profile without the brush-fluff lol
photo 5/2007

lovin pd

Peterbald love is the best! lol
photo 5/2007

Headbutts are required!
photo 5/2007