"Cassie", Straight Coated Peterbald Kitten   "Cassie"

Flock coated chocolate point peterbald cat

photo 5/05/2008
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STATUS: Cassie is on hold!

~ Straight coat, Lilac/Lavender Peterbald Queen ~
Born 8/2005

Even straight coated Peterbald cats must be kept indoors, notice that she is on a leash in the outdoor photos!

She likes:
everyone that walks on 2 legs! kids, men, women, she just really likes people a LOT :)

She does not like:
kittens (she thinks they are scary), male cats - altered, whole, sweet, dominant, doesn't matter. She just doesn't like male cats.

She is:
persistant, affectionate, fairly quiet, headstrong

She is not:
very vocal, high maintenience (in regards to groom and personality alike)

Special needs? Not really,
though she does not wish to live with male cats. At all.

Contact me for more information!

RW SGC Mercuryhold Stepan of Shamira
RW SGC GCA Mercuryhold Stepan of Shamira
Light flock/chamois coat
Brown Mck Tabby PD stud
Mercuryhold Masiania of Shamira
Mercuryhold Masiania of Shamira-
Heavy flock Coat
Chocolate Point PD Queen

photo 5/05

Cassie loves all her people!
photo 5/05

photo 5/05

photo 5/05

Funny look, I know, but I included this pic because it shows of her beautiful, lavender color well :)

Flock coated chocolate point peterbald cat

photo 3/12/2008

photo 3/12/2008

Her fur doesn't lay down too well, but she has a nice, straight profile.
photo 3/12


Here are some of my favorite
"Baby Cassie" photos.

Click here for her complete
'baby gallery'






Does she measure up?



What a ham!

Photo 9/16/2005


Photo 9/8/2005

Photo 8/30/2005

Akilina and Alena,
photo 8/24/2005

Eyes open
at 8 days

Photo 8/17/2005

Birth-day trio :)
Photo 8/15/2005

Her pedigree is also available HERE


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