Balduchi Amadeus of Shamira, Peterbald tom stud male cat   Balduchi Amadeus of Shamira
Peterbald stud tom cat

Chocolate Tabby , Brush coat Peterbald Stud cat
photo 5/05/2008
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STATUS: Ami has gone to his forever home~
He is a chocolate tabby, and the thinnest coat that still requires being called a 'brush'.
Born 6/2006
Ami .... I really love male cats.
Ami is very sweet and loving, he just LOVES people -
and not so much the lady cats!
Well, he LOVES them; to sleep with them, to play with them,
he just doesn't want to make kittens with them ;)
So, now he is neutered, and loving life as a pet. He is always searching for the warmest lap or climbing into bed with anyone willing to lift the blankets for him :)
He did well in shows, though he is not 'titled' as we had decided to retire him just about the same time that the Brush Coat became accepted for Champion Status in TICA.
He has been shown as a kitten, is a Regional Winning PD kitten,
and has been exhibitioned as an excellent example of a brush coat in TICA and ACFA.

Contact me for more information!

Brown Tabby, Flaock coat
PD Stud
Ami's momma
Russimystic Ivanna of Balduchi
Lilac tabby, Flock coat Peterbald queen

Photo 5/05/2008

Forgive the odd colors here and there... I am still playing with my new camera...!
photo 5/05/08

Peterbald cat profile

photo 5/05/08


I just love his eyes :))

photo 5/05/08

photo 5/05/08

photo 5/05/08

photo 5/05/08

photo 5/05/2008

photo 5/07

PD male stud chocolate spotted tabby

A fine little chocolate spotted tabby Peterbald male
photo 5/2007

PD profile head side

Again with the PD profile photo

PD male

I love his coloration; a chocolate spotted PD with that high, reddish rufusing
photo 5/07

flock coat Russian Peterblad hairless cat

This beautiful Russian Peterbald boy is 7 months old here.
He should become a hairless cat as an adult
photo 2/14/07

Russian PD photo of profile

Sorry for the off color, but I love this little guy's head! The length, the straight profile, the chin, it is all there :)
photo 2/14/07

long tubular body

Here is that lovely, long, tubular body that we like to see in the Peterbald and Oriental cats.
photo 2/14/07

Peterbald body

And the lovely, long tail and legs to match!
photo 2/14/07


photo 2/14/07

Peterbald cat

photo 2/14

Flock coat Russian Peterbald kitten - future stud cat

I am so pleased with this boy!
photo 1/19/2007

Peterblad cat kitten profile

Photo 1/19

Peterbald kitten smiling

Smiling in his favorite place of all - insinde my vest
Photo 11/2006

Sleeping Peterbald kitten

You have to be quick to catch him asleep --

Russian Peterbald kitten in trouble!

Because the next thing you know he will be into SOMETHING!!

Russian Peterbald on the move

And back on the move!!

russian peterbald 6 month old hairless cat

photo 11/25/2006

PD male kitten

photo 11/25/2006

two Peterbald kittens

Awwww Aren't they too cute??
photo 11/15/2006

Peterbald kitten hairless cat

photo 10/21/2006

Peterbald cat photo hairless not a sphynx

photo 10/21

Peterbald profile

A little closer look
photo 10/21/2006

Peterbald head shape

And again, this is the slight shape difference that sets the PD apart from the OSH and SI - a blunt wedge

Green eyed chocolate spotted tabby peterbald stud

I think his eye color will be a very true green

Peterbald cat body shot - spots!

And here he is,
'home' with me :)

7 weeks

Ami about 7 weeks old

5 weeks

4 weeks

4 weeks

Ami, around 3 weeks old

This is Ami's mom with a half brother from a later litter

Ami's mom and her litter are on the left.