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Bruru Tahana Delight of Shamira, Chocolate and White Brush Coat Peterbald Queen
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Bruru's Tahana Delight of Shamira
Chocolate and White,
Brush Coat Peterbald
Born 8/2006
Spayed, up to date on shots, and available

*** photos updated 7/09 ***

Here at Shamira, we retire our cats at a very young age.
Maybe it is just me; having three children, I don't really think that anyone should have to be pregnant more than three times! But, much more than that, I like my kitties to have long, happy lives in their forever homes and I prefer to alter my breeding cats most often right around two years of age.
By this age, the girls have typically had 2-3 litters, and, if they have not been able to produce a kitten with better type than they have themselves that I can keep in my breeding program, the liklihood that they will is rather low.
And, the boys, by this age, may be spraying but it is not such a 'set' part of their behaviour that they will not stop readily once they are neutered.
Because of that, my retirees are extremely young, have (of course!) been extremely spoiled, and will have many long years as a happy, healthy pet in your home.
I know my retirees extremely well, and am very willing to be patient to find just the right place to suit their personal preferences. Some love the kids and I wait for a home with children, some are much more fond of my dogs than my cats, some are totally flexible and want only a nice, warm lap. All the time. Notes about an individual kitty's personality are on their pages or readily available with a quick Email to me.