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The first priority of our breeding program?

Finding perfect homes for all of our kittens is a major responsibility and one of the most difficult things we do. We screen thoroughly until we are sure that our precious ones are in homes where they will be cherished and pampered. Know that we ask a lot of questions because we genuinely care. We know our babies and their needs better than anyone, and, because of this, we reserve the right to refuse sale to anyone at any time. Please take a look at our contract to answer any questions you may have, and, of course, if there are any more questions, just ask! Finally, Shamira cats are welcome back at anytime for any reason should you not be able to keep your baby.

  Kittens can typically leave at 14-16 weeks of age, depending on the development of each kitten. Even though you can't take your baby home until he or she is at least 14 weeks old, you can come visit and play as often as geography and your schedule permits! We pride ourselves on the socialization of our kittens, and, even if the first time you meet your new baby is at the airport, you will be thrilled at the affectionate, loving nature of our cats.

Sorry, we have no Oriental Short Hair Kittens at this time.
~ ~ We will have an OSH litter coming up ~ Winter '07 ~ ~
HOWEVER ~ We DO have some Straight Coated Peterbald kittens!!

They will never lose their coat, have a people-oriented, vocal, playful personality rather like an OS, and they will have a coat very similar to an OSH as an adult.
Please check out our PD kittens page for photos!

We require all potential "adoptive parents" to review and sign our detailed sales contract that, in part, states that the cat must not be declawed or allowed outdoors. We also have a kitten adoption application, and, if you are interested in one of our kittens, we ask you to fill it out. All of our health promises are backed by our contract. Your kitten is guaranteed to be free of hereditary genetic defects and all of our cats are FeLV and FIP negative. Our small cattery - coupled with the fact that our cats have free run of the house (as long as they don't spray! ;) ) ensures that we are on top of the health and well being of every one of our cats and kittens. Our babies are part of our family; it is the best way to prepare them to become a healthy and affectionate part of yours for years to come!
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