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Adult Peterbald Photo Galleries

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(photos arranged in order of likely retirement; those first on the list are likely to be the first to be retired, and the young ladies are at the end of the list)

Oriental Short Hair queen
SGC Purrsia La Vie Et Lamour,
Brown (black) Ticked Tabby Oriental Short Hair Queen

Suetta is a chamois coat, black tortieshell Peterbald queen 
Ch NW Wedgies Suetta of Shamira
Black Tortie Suede Coat

blue cream peterbald female kitten - suede / shammy coat hairless cat
DGC Shamira Chava
Blue Cream Suede Coat
Calico (tortie and white) OSH queen
Bruru's Kali Delight
Ebony Tortie and white (calico) Oriental short hair queen
velour bicolor peterbald female
Bruru's Tahana Delight of Shamira
~ more photos soon ~
black and white bicolor female peterbald velour coat
Kremlincats Jaelyn of Shamira
~ more photos soon ~



Suede coat Russian Peterbald hairless cat
SGC, RW, GCA, Mecuryhold Stepan of Shamira
had a wonderful show career, including the honor of becoming the first
male Peterbald to make the title of Supreme Grand Champion in TICA!
He has now retired, and his lines will continue here with Chava (above).
Look for him in the show halls this season as an alter!

Peterbald stud - chocolate spotted tabby suede shammy coat
Balduchi Amadeus of Shamira "Ami"
Ami finished 4th best PD kitten in TICA 2006!
He is 'too hairy' to obtain adult titles, but did very well as a kitten!
Chocolate Spotted Tabby Peterbald stud
Velour Coat
Oreintal Short Hair Stud - Chocolate Spotted Tabby
TGC McInkats Moki of Shamira
Chocolate Spotted Tabby
Oriental Short Hair



~~~ Baby is spayed and available!! ~~~
"Baby" Chocolate Peterbald queen - suede coat
Mercuryhold Malyskia
Chocolate Flock Coat
~~~ Ceri is spayed and available!! ~~~

Shamira Ceri
Brown (black) Spotted Tabby Brush Coat
Brush coat peterbald retiree retired queen 
NW Wedgies Gemini of Shamira
has been altered and gone back to live with her birth mom at NW Wedgies
Mercuryhold Masiania of Shamira
Chocolate Point Flock Coat
Masha has gone to her new Forever Home.
We will miss you, Masha, please tell your momma to send lots of pictures!
Countess Mara of Shamira, brush coat Peterbald queen
Countess Mara of Shamira
Brown Classic Torbie Brush Coat
Mara has been spayed and has gone on to take care of her new people in CA.
Amber, we are still waiting for photos :P



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