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OK, I know the Holidays have long past, but I had a lot of fun putting this together and don't want to pull the link yet... Please feel free to check out the Christmas Card that I put together of the kids & cats :)


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russian peterblad peterb bald hairless naked cat kitten available breeder cattery oriental PD OSH OS
Congratulations to SGC Mercuyhold Stepan of Shamira, TICA's FIRST male Supreme!!!
Here we are just after making his last final!
Mercuryhold Stepan of Shamira, TICA Supreme Grand Champion Male Peterbald stud cat

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Last photo update 9/4/2007

THIS IS THE LAST PHOTO UPDATE ~ you will have to go to the new site to see the latest photos of the babies!
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..::Kittens - Our weekly update! :)

..:: New photos posted of our "working boys"! Go to the gallery page to see!!

..:: Mercuryhold Stepan of Shamira (photo below left) is the first Male PD to make the title of SUPREME GRAND CHAMPION in TICA!! Congratulations, big guy!

..:: WHO IS AVAILABLE? Click here to see the latest photos!

This year my home club, TNCC is sponsoring the TICA MP Regional show and awards banquet. The August show will be in Portland, OR the weekend of the 18th. See you soon!

..:: We were well recieved at the show in Vancouver, BC. Click here to see some photos from the show!
More show photos coming soon after the new layout - including photos of Stepan's Supreme in Salt Lake City!



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