Kitten Application for Shamira Cattery

If you are interested in general information about a kitten, please just fill in the boxes that apply. If you are only curious about the price, my Peterbald kittens for show or breeding range in price from about $1600 - $2200, $1200 - $1400 for an altered pet quality 'hairless' kitten (includes sticky bald, suede/shammy, flock, and short velour), $800 - $1000 for an altered brush coat cat, and between $350 - $450 for an altered straight coat (non show quality with normal, short fur.)(*prices do not include shipping costs) These prices are very standard for hairless cats, and I personally always like to know what I am working towards. I accept PayPal payments and have been known to take payments on a schedule and ship once the kitten is paid for, so know that I am not inflexible. :)

I have been asked why I have potential 'adoptive parents' fill out this type of form.  To me, the answer is simple: I truly care about my animals and go to every measure possible to ensure that they each are placed into the best home possible.  If you doubt that, please do some more reading on this site, or just give me a call. 

If there is an available kitten or cat that just really grabs you, please let me know.  Please also know that, before I will accept a deposit and reservation for one of my babies, we will need to have a phone conversation and I will also need 2 references - just 2 people who know you, and how you are with your animals (or know you well, if you do not have any animals).

Please also read through my contract, it is pretty straight forward but also important.  There is a link to it from the 'kittens' page, or you can use this URL:  if you did not see it.  I ask that you use your browser's 'print' button to print the contract and send a signed copy with your deposit.  If you chose to PayPal your deposit, just go ahead and take care of the deposit (reservations are taken on the order of deposits received), and then mail the form to me as soon as you are able.  I will mark the kitten as 'held on reserve' on receipt of your deposit if awaiting the contract, and mark it as 'sold' once it is received.

Thank you for your interest!  I look forward to talking to you.

Please provide the following personal information:



Where are you located? (City and State is OK)

Address (optional)

Phone Number

Email address

How did you hear about my site?
Referral from a friend or family member
From a previous customer
We met at a cat show
Google Search
Other Search Engine
Link from another site

Please tell me what you are interested in (check all that apply):

Straight Coat kitten
Oriental Short Hair/Siamese kitten
Show potential Peterbald
Show potential Siamese or OSH
Peterbald Retiree
Oriental Short Hair/Siamese Retiree

If you are interested in more than one of the above, or have any comments/questions, please add them here:

The following questions will help me be better able to match a kitten/cat's personality to you and your household. Please chose the best answer for each of these questions

Other pets in the home (please check all that apply) :

Other small pets
Anything else you would like to add about your other pets, please do so here:

My new kitty will be without his/her people:
Basically never, there is almost always someone home
Well, we are often home but travel frequently
Basically Part time; kitty will be alone several hours at a time, at least 3-4 days a week
We are out of the home the equivilent of a full time job
I work/am away more than 40 hours a week typically and there isn't anyone else home

I like a cat that..... (please check all that apply)** :
** Not all of these traits are typical of the Peterbald or OS/SI. Being honest here will again help me be more able to see that you are headed in the right direction for you and your family!

Is constantly attention seeking
Is hesitant of strangers

Is comfortable with well behaved dogs
Is intelligent and curious - even if that means getting into things!

Is vocal and outgoing
Is quiet and fairly non-demanding

Is very active; playing fetch and teaser time is part of life
Likes to self-entertain; I don't really like playing interactive games with my cat
Will likely be more of a companion for the other cats than us

Tell me a little about your household.  Do you live alone?  Do you have children at home?  If so, what ages? 

How did you learn about the Peterbald?

Do you have anything that you would like to ask me?

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