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This is our acrobatics album page.

I had a lot of fun taking these and I am sure there will be more to come!

All of these pictures you can click to enlarge

raining hairless cats and kittens!
It is raining Peterbald cats and
photo 7/31
black cat like a bat
Cirin is a great jumper!!
photo 7/13

OK, I know I missed most of him here, but just look at how HIGH he is!!! photo 7/31

Cirin and his Dad, Stepan :)
Photo 7/31
tower of kitties
Look closely; how many kitties do you see here? ;)
photo 7/31

Now this one....LOOK at Hadara!!!
I was looking at Cirin here, how long and lovely he is, and then I saw her back there! lol

Even the little guys need to practice their jumps!
photo 7/31

That is all the new ones for now.

Check back for more!

Check out our
"princesses" in action!

The battle of the

A quick turn!

Look at the claws
on this one!

Not really focused,
but I still like it.

When will there be more?
Keep an eye on us!

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